Well, I had a r…

Well, I had a reader get in touch with me to let me know which stories in He Sees You When You’re Sleeping were favs.  This time Memora Me and Adrift got the biggest thumbs up.  Adrift was described as follows: “Adrift was different from anything i’ve really read before, it was creepy and really built up, thought it was amazing.”

I’m really glad to hear that because I was a little concerned that it was too slow a build and I might lose the reader before things starting heating up.  I’m really gratified to learn that that isn’t necessarily an issue.  I love a slow build if it leads somewhere good!

I’ve made Adrift a free story on Smashwords for anyone who wants to check it out:


I’m also looking into the possiblity of recording my short story collection as an audiobook. I’ll definitely post about it here if that ever becomes a reality.