My newest collection of literary short stories is now available on

There are 10 postcard stories of about 1,000 words each.  Here’s a bit of the introduction:

“Here is a collection of postcard fiction: the autobiographical mixed with the purely fanciful/

WahWashKesh in central Ontario, Matachewan in Northern Ontario, Major Street in Toronto: these are all the haunts of my childhood.  Not where we lived but where we vacationed (if you can call spending the night at my grandmother’s house a vacation.)  How these places weave spells as the years pass.”



Received a really cool review on my short story “Adrift” available for free on

“An impeccably written and accomplished work; intriguing and sensuous in its
language. Dark and brooding, with a tang of hidden menace. Delightful imagery,
with an old world sense of mystery.”