Review of The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson


Incomparable classic horror novel.  As a child, the film adaption of this novel was my favourite. I wasn’t even familiar with the term Gothic but I did know I loved a creepy, old-timey horror story.

Jackson’s novel is spectacularly creepy but it is also filled with 3 dimensional characters and this makes the reader even more unnerved.  At the heart of everything is the lonely Eleanor.  Life outside Hill House is so dismal, that the horrors within are actually strangely comforting to her.

I can’t pick a favourite bit, but the picnic scene, where the surroundings suddenly because a photographic negative is probably one of the finest sequences ever written in a horror story.

Oh, and if you are familiar with The Hero’s Journey, you will find it fits this novel admirably.

You can’t really call yourself a horror fan, imo, unless you’ve read this classic!


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