The Cult of Me

AfricanMaskThe fabulous website, The Cult of Me, run by Michael Brookes, has a monthly writing contest that I have but lately discovered.  One writes a 500 words story about a picture.  As soon as I saw the first picture, I was immediately inspired.  This is a fabulous writing exercise/opportunity.  If you love writing, check it out!


The Birds by Daphne du Maurier


Brilliant story and one I regularly recommend to friends. I can’t imagine anyone not thinking it’s cool.

I think critics are quite right is calling this a cold war parable – if only because of the description of the nuclear winter landscape and that bitter East wind.

I love the fact that no one has the slightest explanation for why nature would suddenly turn against mankind in such a deadly and unforgiving way. du Maurier cuts her characters off in such a brutal and claustrophobic fashion that I defy anyone not to sympathise with the wily protagonist as he struggles without help to save his family.

I like to speculate about what happens after the end of the story. How ironic that mankind may be turned into permanent scavengers living on the edge, just as we have turned so many wild creatures into just that.

A Rose for Emily

roseA memorable story about repression and social construction.  I can’t help thinking that it would be an interesting literary exercise to write Miss Emily’s and to provide her point of view of everything that happens in the story.  I view her as a woman who ultimately gets what she desires – so in a strange way, she is triumphant.